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Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Blocks: Note, Safety, Precautions, and Usage

Note: Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Blocks offer a powerful and convenient solution for maintaining a clean and fresh toilet. These blocks are designed to combat stains and odors effectively, providing long-lasting cleanliness with each flush. Following proper usage, safety, and precautions ensures optimal performance.


  1. Keep Out of Reach of Children: Store Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Blocks in a secure place, away from the reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.
  2. Avoid Eye Contact: In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
  3. Skin Contact: Wear gloves when handling the toilet blocks to avoid skin irritation. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  4. Do Not Ingest: The toilet blocks are not meant for consumption. If ingested, seek medical advice immediately and provide the product packaging for reference.
  5. Ventilation: Use the toilet blocks in well-ventilated areas to minimize inhalation exposure.


  1. Compatibility: Ensure that Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Blocks are compatible with your toilet system. Check the product specifications and guidelines.
  2. Avoid Mixing: Do not mix with other toilet cleaning products to prevent chemical reactions. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe usage.
  3. Proper Placement: Drop one toilet block into the cistern or designated area according to the product instructions. Avoid placing the block in direct contact with the toilet bowl or tank.
  4. Overuse: Use only the recommended amount to avoid overuse, which may lead to excessive foaming or other undesired effects.
  5. Septic Tanks: If you have a septic tank, ensure that the product is suitable for use in this system. Check the packaging or product information.


  1. Drop-In Application: Simply drop one Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Block into the toilet cistern. Allow it to dissolve gradually with each flush.
  2. Regular Replacement: Replace the toilet block as recommended or when it has fully dissolved for continuous freshness.
  3. Flush Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your toilet system, and adjust usage if necessary based on the flushing mechanism.
  4. Effectiveness: Enjoy the benefits of stain prevention and odor control with each use, maintaining a cleaner and more pleasant toilet.

Duzzit Power Blue 6 Toilet Blocks offer a convenient way to keep your toilet fresh and clean. Following safety precautions and proper usage guidelines enhances the effectiveness of the product while promoting a safe environment for users.

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